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LTDS project on 33. Inter-laboratory Group Meeting on Comparisons of National Atomic Time and Frequency Standards.

During 33. Inter-laboratory Group Meeting on Comparisons of National Atomic Time and Frequency Standards which was organized on 26th October 2015 at the headquarters of Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center – LTDS project participant – the achievements of the LTDS project was presented. The presentation „Legal time distributing system – EKO version” was delivered by PhD Rimantas Miškinis. The presentation can be downloaded as a pdf file on a web site of the meeting –

The first phase of the project is completed

On the 30th September 2014 the first phase of the LTDS project is finished. The system architecture was created. In particular project partners defined:

  • requirements for verification system of local clock parameters and selection of local time source,
  • requirements for algorithms of control local clock,
  • requirements for time synchronization using a global navigation satellite systems GALILEO/GPS,
  • requirements for secure communication and storage data,
  • requirements for hardware and software for NTP module,
  • requirements for testing, validation and demonstration of the system,
  • requirements for end user unit device,
  • requirements for national measurements institute NMI.

Kick-off meeting

The project participants meet on kick-off meeting on the 2nd of June at Military University of Technology (WAT) in Warsaw. It was the first general project meeting. The main purpose of this meeting was to initiate the work of all partners by letting them discuss in person, get to know each other and organize cooperation schemes. In the first part of the meeting partners described their organizations, next all the work packages were introduced and the most important issues were discussed.

Many administrative and organizational decisions were also made, incorporating the most important aspects of the project.